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Business Continuity PERIOD.

SAS Networks Corporation

☏ 346-299-2800

Your Success is Our Success

WHY SAS Networks 

The pace of change in the customer experience industry has never been faster, and it will only continue to increase. To satisfy our ever-shifting clients’ needs and their customers’ expectations, SAS Networks provides the market industry knowledge and insights to help our clients adapt and proactively change, providing them with a strategic advantage to stand out among the competition.

SAS Networks understands how critical business continuity is to leaders, their customers, and employees. Let us help you achieve better interactions, deeper insights, and more meaningful outcomes with our business continuity solutions.

SAS Networks believes having a trusted partner representing you to the respected vendor is the best of both worlds. As we come together, we will make sure you have the right solution and that it is designed and implemented properly.

Below are just a few reasons why you should choose SAS Networks:

  • We are client focused and provide best-in-class products and services.

  • We design solutions aligning business needs with the right technology.

  • We provide professional implementations, services, and integrations.
  • We make sure your expectations are met.

  • We not only bring a wealth of experience to the table but are Customer Experience Warriors, as we believe the customer experience is the battleground for brand loyalty.

  • We provide always provide free design and consulting whether in person or via telephone to our customers.

About Clearfly 

Clearfly has been in business since 2007, providing thousands of business across the United States with voice and data services. Strategically designed data centers reside in Billings, Montana, and in Seattle, Washington. Designed with N^1 to N^1 redundant systems.

Why Clearfly

  • Consolidate your data and voice networks
  • Reduce communications costs
  • Utilize existing phone systems if still under contract or has not reached the end-of-life cycle
  • Eliminate long-distance charges
  • Save up to 50% in communications costs

All the reliability and quality of landline voice bundled with the performance and functionality of dedicated high-speed Internet access. With any of our Clearfly services, your business can get local, long-distance voice services, and add SAS Networks’ Allworx rental agreement to make it one simple, reliable package all on one monthly bill. It all starts by designing a custom voice and data proposal.

Clearfly Provides

Utilizing the most advanced voice services technology, Clearfly provides businesses with communication solutions that include local, long-distance, toll-free, fax-to-email, and internet access.

We provide our customers with:

  • Easy-to-manage services
  • Simple-to-understand bills
  • Low, flat-rate pricing for predictability
  • Personal customer service

Our Network is Resilient and Redundant: Fiber Optic Network 

A multitude of the nation’s top fiber optic carriers makes up the redundant Clearfly backbone network. Allowing customers to enjoy end-to-end communications services that they can depend on

Voice Infrastructure 

Clearfly’s voice services are powered by a redundant mix of the most highly rated and industry-standard Class 4 and 5 voice hardware manufactures.

Unparalleled Service

Even in the age of email, instant messaging, and video conferencing, Clearfly realizes how vital voice service is to your business. As a result, Clearfly has engineered services to provide your company with the same level of reliability you have learned to expect from a traditional phone service provider.

Clearfly’s service level agreements are unparalleled in the voice-over-IP world, thanks to the choice of the best-of-breed network components and service partners. Even more importantly, the knowledgeable technicians that man Clearfly’s 24/7 Network Operating Center is 100% committed to achieving the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

Clearfly provides the availability, flexibility, and quality that you can depend on. 

Why Allworx 

Whether your employees are in a single location or multiple sites, desk-bound or road-bound, take inbound calls, or make outbound calls, Allworx can create a perfect fit.




Road ninjas who always want to be reached on their business numbers

Legal and health care professionals who want to protect personal mobile numbers

Professionals who work in a distributed work area such as showrooms or schools

Make and Receive Calls Like You’re in the Office

    • Transfer, hold, and park calls with a single touch.
  • Make easy three-way calls.

See Who’s Available

  • See your colleague’s presence and status.
  • Search across the corporate directory, system extensions (e.g., call queues), and personal mobile contacts.
  • Tag and sort by favorite contacts.

Access Parked Calls, Call History, and Scheduled Calls

  • Access parked calls and see call history.
  • Call into scheduled conference calls.

Update Your Presence and Status

  • Change your Allworx presence setting and DND status.
  • Automatically update your call routes based on your updated presence/status.

Desktop Integration:

USED BY OVER 100,000 Allworx Users

Popular Uses:

Front-desk service staff and receptionists

Call center agents who are using Allworx Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Sales professionals who depend on outbound or inbound calls

Ease of Handling Calls Simply by the Click of a Mouse

Enjoy one-click dialing, hold, transfer, park, and more.

Access both Allworx system users and Outlook contacts.

See presence and status for all Allworx system users.

Click to record individual calls or record all calls automatically.

External Program Link opens other web applications (e.g., CRM) with incoming calls so you don’t have to.

Agents can log in, log out, or update their busy status.

Agents can easily see their queue performance from the Queue Status window.

Advanced Multisite

Unify up to 100 locations, 1,000 users, and 2,000 extensions under one VoIP communication system.

Global Access Across All Sites

Extension dialing, call transfer, and call park across all sites.

Global directory.

Global voicemail.

Real-time user presence and status.

Shared auto attendants.

Shared staffing (e.g. receptionists) across multiple sites.

Easy rerouting of calls during a pandemic, natural disaster, or connectivity failure.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Sophisticated Call Center Solutions Made Easy and Affordable

Intelligently distribute and manage incoming calls across ten queues.

Four Styles of Call Distribution

Linear priority: Distribute calls based on a prioritized list of agents.

Round-robin: Distribute calls to agents in a circular manner.

Longest idle: Distribute calls to agents who are idle for the longest time.

Ring all: Ring all agents in a queue simultaneously.

Queue Management Features

  • Customize the welcome greeting for initial queue entrance.
  • Customize the periodic status messages while callers are waiting.
  • Customize call routes based on queue conditions such as when a caller reaches the maximum wait time, or the queue is full.
  • Prioritize the queues when the agents are working more than one queue.

Supervisor Features

  • Monitor agent calls in three modes: Barge In, Whisper, or Silent Monitor.
  • Update queue settings from anywhere via Allworx Web Admin or My Allworx Manager.

Agent Features

  • Log in, log out, or update busy status from the Allworx IP phone or the Allworx Interact™ Professional application.
  • Get visual queue alarm notifications on the Allworx IP phone or Allworx View™ ACD real-time dashboard.

To make it a complete ACD package, add:

Allworx Interact Professional to boost agent productivity

Allworx View ACD – Provide real-time agent and queue performance dashboard and historical reports