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Business Continuity PERIOD.

SAS Networks Corporation

☏ 346-299-2800

Your Success is the Bottom Line

Bringing You Closer to
Your Audience 

Whether you’re a big brand or a small business, it’s important to make sure your consumers know that their voices matter. Let them know they’re heard with help from SAS Networks Corporation.

We offer customer support solutions designed to bridge the gap between businesses and their consumers. Get in touch with us and let’s discuss your needs. We offer free quotes and estimates upon request. Our phone, data, and network carrier services are available in Houston and the rest of Texas. 

Mission Statement

SAS Networks’ goal is to help Small to Medium sized businesses with Best-in-Class voice, data and carrier network services and give your customers the best experience in communicating with your business enhancing your business brand. Calls placed and received 24/7 anywhere on any device. We want to bring this level of professionalism and experience to increase your bottom line.

Meet the Owner

Sean Pyykola is a seasoned professional in the design of voice, data, wireless and carrier network services. Sean is certified on Star2Star, Nortel, Avaya Voice & Data products, Mitel, Shoretel Voice Platforms and a variety of other Network gear and Wireless products. Sean is all very experienced at designing and estimating network cabling infrastructure.

In 2002 Sean co-founded a communications company (ESC)in Houston and served as Vice President until resigning and selling his equity to tend to his ailing Dad and his family in 2013. While at ESC he not only managed banking and credit relationships but was responsible for the majority of sales and building a sales and engineering team.

Sean designed solutions for a variety of businesses from banks to hospitals, school districts to plant facilities, major retail chains to the oil and gas companies and many others. Sean founded SAS Networks Corporation in November 2013 and with careful consideration has elected to focus on providing Voice, Collaboration, SIP, and Carrier services, through Star2Star.

Star2Star is highly successful with an excellent track record providing these services since its inception in 2006. Sean believes the solutions offered through Star2Star will deliver on SAS Network's Mission Statement. We look forward to working with you and serving as your trusted communications partner and advisor.

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